January 27, 2018

About Us



Hi, I'm Dave, your host at Better Than Be4. This blog is dedicated to Mindful Communication. The purpose of Mindful Communication is not only to exchange information. It is to communicate to bring people closer together.

This journey to Mindful Communication began in my own struggles to achieve understanding at work and at home. Not matter how carefully I chose my words, I could not form the deep connections I longed for. My words separated, instead of uniting.

Here, I'll be writing about what I have learned. We all have the right to represent our true selves in speech, and the reponsibility to listen to and appreciate the people who share their lives with us. I want to help you overcome the loneliness and isolation that are so common in modern life.

My Mission

Here are some commitments that I want to make to the readers of this blog:

I'll provide you with the best information I can find about mindfulness and mindful communication. Whether it's information about managing emotion, building your relationships, or overcoming loneliness, I'll give you the best I can find.

I'll speak from the "I." You'll hear what I live and learn, without any assumptions about what you or anybody else does. That should keep my content honest.

This blog is your living room on the internet. Come in, hang out, find things that inform or entertain, and enjoy this friendly space.

Better and Better

As human beings, we instinctively crave connection. All primates live in social groups. The quality of our lives is largely determined by the quality of our relationships. The quality of our relationships depends on our ability to communicate.

We learn to communicate as children. Our parents are our first communication role models. Were our parents skilled communicators? If not, how can we learn to communicate well?

Effective communication is not about telling people what we think they need to know. It is a process of revealing our most authentic selves and getting to know someone else as he or she truly is. The goal is to build a complete and honest relationship that makes us both Better Than Be4.

We're going to find out the true meaning of connection, friendship, and love.

Disclaimer: None of the content of this site is a substitute for professional medical advice. The site includes affiliate links to products and services that are not provided by btrthanb4.com, and are for informational purposes only.

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