February 1, 2018

Overcoming Anger

How to Communicate Mindfully when You’re Angry. (and stop saying things that you regret afterwards).
1 hour.
Only $49   (value $240)

In this private, hour-long session, you’ll create mindful awareness around your communication style when angry …. And stop making the type of anger producing communication mistakes like blurting out hurtful words that you regret afterwards. You’ll learn how to communicate in a way that brings you the results in all your relationships that you desire.

We will explore your own anger triggers and develop a new, more effective, anger communication style based on mindful self-awareness.

No more flying off the handle.

No more holding it all in, simmering away feeling unheard while your resentment builds and builds.

Instead, you’ll be able to:
Express your thoughts and needs and have them heard
Calmly create a solution to any conflict that is mutually acceptable to both
Feel empowered that your thoughts and needs matter and are being listened to.
Learn how to BE Heard without stomping your feet for only $49 for one hour of individual consultation and coaching. (Value $240)  Only 5 spaces available for this very special offer.

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Bring champagne because you’re going to turn your relationships around.